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Brian Kristensen
Hey pallies, likes have we got the most delightful of delightful, deepest of deepest Dino-devotion for all youse Dino-holics to dig this very Dino-day!!!!! Likes pallies, it's got it's ubber unique, it's awesomely artistic, and it is incredibly international as well.  From the blog of Danish artist Mr. Brian Kristensen's simply self tagged blog, "BRIAN KRISTENSEN'S BLOG - Most about art, decor, technique and gadgets," come his perfect post "SKETCH 0237 - HOW TO DRAW DEAN MARTIN CARICATURE."

Likes in Brian's Dino-feature, we not only gets the finished product of the delightful Dino-sketch, but we also gets an action vid from youtube of Kristensen creatin' his coolest of cool Dino-image!  It is fantastic fun seein' how Brian works at creatin' his intriguin' impression of our most beloved Dino and it wonderfully warms our Dino-hearts to see yet 'nother of today's amazin' artists usin' his great gifts and tremendous talents to hugely homage of one, our only Dino.  Likes, to our way of Dino-thinkin' there is simply no better way to celebrate one's Dino-delight then to have a pallie awesomely apply their creative craft to  spread Dino-love 'round the ol' world wide web.

And, likes Mr. Kristensen includes six cooler then cool Dino-links from Instagram, which we are extraordinarily eager to energetically explore.  ilovedinomartin expresses our touchin' 'n tender thanks to youthful Danish artist Mr. Brian Kristensen for usin' his coolest of cool creativity to coolly celebrate our Dino in this wonderful way!  To checks this out in it's original source, likes simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters




I hope you thought of my drawings and if you would like to follow, do not stay back from following my blog.

How to Draw Dean Martin Caricature - Sketch 237

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Jeg håber du syntes om mine tegninger, og hvis du gerne vil følge med, så hold dig ikke tilbage fra at følge min blog.

How to Draw Dean Martin Caricature – Sketch 0237

My #DailySketch - by Brian Kristensen    #deanmartin @deanmartinandjerrylewis @deanmartinmoments @deanmartingram @dean_martin_daily @deanmartinfanpage

Thursday, September 21, 2017

And my thanks to dino martin peters who has again complimented me on this piece. His own blog devoted to fans of Dean Martin is accessible at and is really worth a visit ]

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Hey pallies, likes we gotta 'fess up that we are perfectly proudly pleased that our humble little ilovedinomartin blog has been lifted up at one our pallie's blog.  Likes while we were doin' our almost daily Dino-searchin' usin' our pallies at Twingly Advanced Blog Search, we came 'cross a repostin' of the completely cool post,"THAT DEAN MARTIN MAGIC," that we have shared twice here before, with the last postin' bein' on  March 7 of this year of our Dino 2017 and found  HERE.

Likes the scriber is a pallie tagged "nigel-a" and his deeply delightful Dino-adulation is  in the form of "an interview ( which might have taken place in my dreams ) at the Sands, Las Vegas, in 1969."  It's a marvelously magical "interview" with our main man and truly worthy of repostin' here one more Dino-time!   Last time we shared it we We 'fessed  up that our pallie "nigel-a"  is likes beautifully  better then we in doin' the Dino-lingo and we are gotta  keeps tryin' to learn from nigel-a's effortless way of speakin' the Dino-language.

Part of our reason for sharin' it one more time is 'cause nigel-a, this time 'round has generously given a neat nod to our ilovedinomartin mission and it truly truly warms our hearts to know that we have been thought 'bout and shared in this blog.  Thanks pallie nigel-a for makin' our day and helpin' your readership to find their way to our Dino-conclave!  And, likes we deeply digs that this post qualifies as of international Dino-passion  as nigel-a hails from the United Kingdom!

Nigel-a's extraordinary efforts are so so coolly creative, makin' for a real Dino-treat for Dino-philes everywhere!  We sez our deepest of deep Dino-thanks pallie  nigel-a for boldly and beautifully professin' his awesome appreciato of our Dino with his  readership.  To checks this out in it's original source, simply, as usual, clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Notes from an interview that I seem to remember having with Mr Dean Martin ( possibly only in my dreams ) at the Sands, Las Vegas, in 1969. 

Tell me, Dean, may I call you Dean ? ...
 Sure yuh can, kid, waddaya wanna know ?

... when you ran with the Pack why did you allow Sinatra to dominate the group when everyone could tell you had by far the strongest personality ?  
Oh, don't yuh lissen to gossip, kid.  Frank was the King in them days.  I just hung around for the girls.  Gee, those gals ... legs goin' on for ever.  And, boy, could they drink !

But you fell out with him.  I read you refused to perform in a Chicago club where he had Mob connections.  Didn't Sinatra cut you dead for a long time afterwards ?

Now yuh shouldn't lissen to those stories, they ain't true.  But supposin' they were ... so what if Frank didn't ring me for six years, so what if the old bastard cut me dead in public.  Frank was the King, an we all wanned it that way.

One last question, Dean.  Do you believe Sinatra envied your considerable stage presence and that's why he favoured Sammy Davis ... that he felt more comfortable with Sammy paying him court than with you who wouldn't ?

Now that's an interesting thought. Wud yuh like a drink, kid ?  I think this could be a long evenin'.

  Psst.....Seamus, d'ye tink this story's true ?  
Jaysus, Michael, how'd I  know.   
But, Seamus, it could be true, couldn't it ?  
Yes, an' I might be the King o' the Fairies !  

[  Written originally on 2/12/2012, now with pictures restored ]

[  And my thanks to dino martin peters who has again complimented me on this piece.  His own blog devoted to fans of Dean Martin is accessible at  and is really worth a visit ]

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

On This Day In Dino-history: September 20, 1953

 Hey pallies, likes today  is 'nother huge huge day in Dino-history, the remembrance of the birth of our Dino's youngest boypallie Ricci James......the day of Ricci  joinin' family Martin.  The remembrance of Ricci James entry into the world takes on a real bitter sweet quality 'gain  this year as it was just 'bout a year and a month 'go on August 3 that our Dino's boypallie passed from this life into the next.

 It was 64 years ago on September 20, 1953 that our Dino's youngest boypallie, Ricci James, made his entrance into the world. Ricci  had shown his deep, pure, and true devotion to his daddy-o by scribin' a wonderful bio of what it was like livin' in fam Martin. Likes if you haven't read "That's Amore," we would hugely hugely encourage you to gets yourself a copy and soak deeply in Ricci's  most reverent remembrances of bein' a prodigy  of the King of Cool.

And, since 2003 Ricci James had toured the globe helpin' keep his father's amazin' life, times, and legacy alive doin' his very own outstandin' Dino-trib. Likes for us Dino-holics, likes Ricci's greatest effort in showin' amore to his father was when he created our Dino's one and only MTV music vid, "Since I Met You Baby" in 1982...and he tells such wonderful tales 'bout the filmin' of the vid in his Dino-bio.

Below are some fav pixs of Dino's youngest male prodigy, as well as a couple of clips of Ricci's Dino-trib. And, likes we  just couldn't resist again sharin' two versions of our Dino at his finest in the "Since I Met You Baby" MTV vid.  Likes if you clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram you will be transported to Ricci's own pad and his bio which included a primo pristine vid of "Since I Met You Baby."

ilovedinomartin  wants to reverently remember Ricci on this anniversary of his day of birth, with mucho mucho Dino-appreciato for likes all he did in his lovin' lifetime  to lift up the name of his most beloved daddy-o and helpin' likes tons 'n tons more pallies to come to know, love, and honor our most amazin' Dino!

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Dean Martin - Since I Met You Baby by mimivar83

September 20, 1953 Ricci James Martin was born

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Bloopers

Image result for dean martin jerry lewis the caddy

Hey pallies, likes with the passin' of our most beloved Dino's most beloved partner Mr. Jerry Lewis, the ol' world wide web has been  beautifully bloomin' with awesome adulation of the greatest comedy partnership ever to entertain our planet.  Likes we were sent the way of the 'net pad "audioBoom" where a pallie tagged "VOICEBYAPOLLO" had uploaded the awesome audio of the randiest of randy bloppers promotin' the Dino and Jer classic big screen epic "The Caddy."

We haven't listened to these "adult language" bloopers for long long time and what fun we are havin' listenin' to 'em once 'gain.  Relivin' a little of the marvelous magic these two extraordinary entertainers had with each other truly truly brings the biggest of big Dino-buddha grin to our face and makes us yearn all the more to return to the days when our Dino and Jerry were makin' funny together.

Likes if you clicks on the tag of this Dino-gram you will be able to checks out the audio there, or simply clicks on the youtube vid below (we are sharin' that 'cause we didn't find a way to copy the vid from "audioBoom."  Thanks to "VOICEBYAPOLLO" and the pallies at "audioBoom" for bringin' us this beautiful blast from our Dino's past!!!!!

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Bloopers

Promo Bloopers for The Caddy

Monday, September 18, 2017

Yesterday In Dino-history: September 17, 1950

Hey pallies, likes today as we were doin' our almost daily searchin' for Dino-delight we happened 'pon the 'net pad "" we discovered that it was yesterday in Dino-history, September 17 in the year of our Dino 1950 that Martin and Lewis first appeared on the "Colgate Comedy Hour" on NBC.

Likes below is the vid showin' our most beloved Dino and his most beloved partner, Mr. Jerry Lewis in all their grand glory on this delightful debut  episode.  We are awesomely appreciative to the pallies at "" for puttin' us on to this day and to providin' the vid of these historical moments in the life and times of our one and only Dino!

To checks this out in it's original source, likes simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

On TV today, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis begin on NBC (1950)

September 17, 1950 – you do not want to miss Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis first appearance at “The Colgate Comedy Hour” on NBC


Dean Martin: the hidden (and dark) side of the actor-crooner

Olivier Rajchman
Hey pallies, likes we are perfectly proudly pleased to return this very Dino-day to more powerfully potent prose awesomely accentin' adulation of our Dino of the internationale sort!  After a few days' break, we share a fabulous fourth huge helpin' of remarkable reflections on the life, times, and teachin's of our Dino from french scriber Mr. Olivier Rajchman who in his own words is " Journalist on TV Star (Télé Star). I cover the TV news, but also gives my opinion on other cultural subjects ... or not!"

Likes a couple of days 'go Mr. Rajchman's swank scribin's on our most beloved Dino tagged, "Dean Martin: the hidden (and dark) side of the actor-crooner" hit the world wide web at the 'net pad of Télé Star, and likes with the help of our pallies at Twingly Advanced Blog search sendin' us that Dino-direction, we are deeply delighted to be able to shares it with all youse Dino-holics.

We gotta 'fess up that we wishes that we had been a much more studious student of French when we were in school 'cause we know that Olivier's wonderfully wise words have mucho lost in translation.  We digs the awesome assortment of a quintet of Dino-poses he shares, and we are absolutely awed by the the  quotations of our Dino's pallies that Mr. Rajchman shares...from fellow Stu-ville pallie Mr. Emilio Julian, Dino's  cousin Miss Mary, bandleader Mr. Sammy Watkins, and pallie  Mr. Sonny King, Dino's  beloved partner Mr. Jerry Lewis, Ciro's Club owner Mr. Herman Hover, director Mr. Howard Hawks, and his second wife Miss Jeanne."  Mr. Rajchman's has certainly done his Dino-homework!!!!!  And, likes we knows that we will want to drink deeply of Rajchman's Dino-thoughts in the days ahead.

Also included is a vid clip from our Dino starrin' in "Rough Night In Jericho."  We swankly salute Mr. Olivier Rajchman and all the pallies at Télé  Star for these remarkable reflections on our most most beloved Dino....sure to bring many more into the Dino-fold.  To checks this out in it's original format, simply clicks on the tag of this particular Dino-gram.

We remain,

Yours in Dino,

Dino Martin Peters

Dean Martin: the hidden (and dark) side of the actor-crooner

By Olivier Rajchman September 15, 2017

Dean Martin

Dean Martin sur scène lors d'un concert au moulin rouge en 1984

Dean Martin et Jerry Lewis en 1953

Dean Martin dans Rio Bravo avec John Wayne et Ricky Nelson

Dean Martin sera membre du

Irresistible crooner, tapped by the depression, Dean Martin was not a good buddy charmer. Explanation.

He had never liked to work. His relatives were the first to recognize him. "He was a good guy," said Emilio Julian, who had known him as a teenager, but was no more lazy, a brave guy with that, just not wanting to work . His father, Guy Crocetti , who came from Abruzzo to do hairdressing in Ohio, would have liked him to be like his elder brother. A workhorse. But Dino, who is not yet known as Dean Martin , did not think it was necessary to triumph to be happy: " At home," he said, "we did not lack anything, we had a car and we ate well. "What more could you ask for in life? *

Born in 1917 in Steubenville, an old industrial center and a new eldorado for brothels and gambling dens, Dino Crocetti prefers to play games where the handling of cards teaches him more about human nature than the rules of morality taught in middle School. " From childhood, will reveal his cousin Mary, he also walked in the house, a hat on his head, singing serious songs. " "Canzone" Neapolitan or "crooneries" of Bing Crosby; no matter what, in the Mediterranean tradition, marry elegance and virility.

Dean Martin also had a dark face

Crooked by clubs and bars, Crocetti was engaged by Sammy Watkins' orchestra in 1940 : " Dino, " he said, " had this wonderful way of singing, relaxed and relaxed." He was born with this gift. "Rebaptized Dean Martin , married to "Betty" and soon father of family, the beginner manages this little recognition by spending his money and drinking more than reason. His friend, former boxer Sonny King , reveals the dark face of a man who " did not take anyone seriously except himself." He was always distant and sometimes said, "You're my best friend" , but in a way that did not believe. "At the same time, a gifted comedian of 19 years crosses the way of Martin.

Jerry Lewis is fascinated by the singer's pace and discovers in him an untapped gift: " Dean, he will remember, had a brilliant sense of humor that just fell every time. " Improvising a number after they perform a duet in Atlantic City in 1946. While Martin continues to record his own recordings, their tandem is wreaking havoc in all theaters across the country, hosting his shows on the radio and on NBC, before leavingThere, Dean slams part of his fortune at the casino and seduces - in competition with Jerry - almost all starlets in the studio. "He was a good lover, but his true passion was golf, said Herman Hover, owner of Ciro's Club. He was still joking. He was an intelligent but rude guy. "The end of his partnership with Lewis leaves disoriented. Divorced and remarried Jeannie attends, bitter, the emergence of Elvis Presley . If the actor Dean revives cinema in the dramatic register with Like a flood, the crooning bounces by making a Volare tube .

"Make me a pipe and get well"

The following year, in 1959, he made equal play with John Wayne in cowboy aviné of Rio Bravo. " It's a damn good actor, so nice, so good, will see its director Howard Hawks. But it's also a guy who goes through life letting themselves carry. He needs to be stimulated. " Also, with the exception of his brilliant au-toparodie of Embrasse-moi idiot, goes through the following decade, saving himself, preferring to other challenges the reassuring companionship of Frank Sinatra , who integrates him to his " Rat Pack ". Dean still shakes the housewife singing Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime , but will not cross the course of the fifty. Too many women, too much money, too much alcohol, too long. And all this for a falsely sociable man, not really sentimental, who gives way to his conquests one evening: " Make me a pipe and get on well, " without ceasing to be a gentleman. A solitary, lucid to cruelty, who drags himself from gala to golf course, during his last thirty years. " He spends hours in front of the TV, confirms his second wife, Dean has always loved the void. " To forget and no longer suffer: the death of his eldest son, prostate, boredom. Before, at 78 years, in 1995, to let go definitively. A fine achievement for a man who had never liked to force himself.

Dean Martin : la face cachée (et sombre) de l'acteur-crooner
Par Olivier Rajchman Le 15 septembre 2017

Irrésistible crooner, taraudé par la dépression, Dean Martin n'était pas qu'un bon copain charmeur. Explication.

Il n'avait jamais aimé travailler. Ses proches étaient les premiers à le reconnaître. "C'était un chic type, affirmera Emilio Julian, qui l'avait connu adolescent, mais y avait pas plus fainéant. Brave garçon avec ça. Simplement, il voulait pas travailler." Son père, Guy Crocetti, venu des Abruzzes pour faire le coiffeur dans l'Ohio, aurait souhaité qu'il soit comme son frère aîné. Un bosseur. Mais Dino, qui ne s'appelle pas encore Dean Martin, ne pensait pas qu'il faille trimer pour être heureux : "Chez nous, dira-t-il, on ne manquait de rien. On avait une voiture et l'on mangeait bien." Que demander de plus à la vie ? *

Né en 1917 à Steubenville, vieux centre industriel et nouvel eldorado pour les bordels et les tripots, Dino Crocetti préfère à l'école les maisons de jeux où le maniement des cartes lui en apprend plus sur la nature humaine que les règles de moralité enseignées au collège. "Dès l'enfance, révélera sa cousine Mary, il se promenait aussi dans la maison, un chapeau sur la tête, en chantant des chansons graves." "Canzone" napolitaines ou "crooneries" de Bing Crosby ; qu'importe pourvu que se marient, dans la tradition méditerranéenne, élégance et virilité.

Dean Martin avait aussi une face sombre

Écumant clubs et bars, Crocetti est engagé, en 1940, par l'orchestre de Sammy Watkins : "Dino, dira celui-ci, avait cette merveilleuse façon de chanter, décontractée, relax. Il était né avec ce don." Rebaptisé Dean Martin, marié à « Betty » et bientôt père de famille, le débutant gère cette petite reconnaissance en dépensant son argent et en buvant plus que de raison. Son ami, l'ex-boxeur Sonny King, révèle la face sombre d'un homme "qui ne prenait personne au sérieux, sauf lui-même. Il était toujours distant. Parfois, il me disait : " Tu es mon meilleur pote", mais d'une manière qui faisait qu'on n'y croyait pas." Au même moment, un comique surdoué de 19 ans croise le chemin de Martin.

Jerry Lewis est fasciné par l'allure du chanteur et décèle en lui un don inexploité : "Dean, se souviendra-t-il, avait un sens de l'humour brillant qui tombait juste à chaque fois." Improvisant un numéro d'après-spectacle, ils explosent en duo à Atlantic City, en 1946. Tandis que Martin continue d'enregistrer ses propres disques, leur tandem fait des ravages dans toutes les salles du pays, anime ses shows à la radio et sur NBC, avant de partir à la conquête du cinéma et de Hollywood. Là, Dean claque une partie de sa fortune au casino et séduit - en concurrence avec Jerry - la quasi-totalité des starlettes du studio. "C'était un bon amant, mais sa vraie passion c'était le golf, précisera Herman Hover, propriétaire du club Ciro's. Il était toujours en train de plaisanter. C'était un gars intelligent mais fruste." La fin de son partenariat avec Lewis le laisse déboussolé. Divorcé puis remarié à Jeannie, il assiste, amer, à l'émergence d'Elvis Presley. Si Dean l'acteur ressuscite au cinéma dans le registre dramatique avec Comme un torrent, le crooner rebondit en faisant un tube de Volare.

"Fais-moi une pipe et porte-toi bien"

L'année suivante, en 1959, il fait jeu égal avec John Wayne en cow-boy aviné de Rio Bravo. "C'est un sacré bon acteur, si gentil, si doué, constatera son metteur en scène Howard Hawks. Mais c'est aussi un type qui traverse la vie e n se laissant porter. Il a besoin d'être stimulé." Aussi, à l'exception de sa brillante au-toparodie d'Embrasse-moi idiot, traverse-t-il la décennie suivante en s'économisant, préférant à d'autres défis le compagnonnage rassurant de Frank Sinatra, qui l'intègre à son "Rat Pack". Dean fait encore frissonner la ménagère en chantant Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime, se fait plaisir en James Bond au rabais avec Matt Helm, mais ne franchira pas bien le cap de la cinquantaine. Trop de femmes, trop d'argent, trop d'alcool, depuis trop longtemps. Et tout cela pour un homme faussement sociable, pas vraiment sentimental, qui lâche à ses conquêtes d'un soir : "Fais-moi une pipe et porte-toi bien", sans cesser d'être un gentleman. Un solitaire, lucide jusqu'à la cruauté, qui se traîne de gala en parcours de golf, pendant ses trente dernières années. "Il passe des heures devant la télé, confirme sa deuxième épouse ; Dean a toujours aimé le vide." Pour oublier et ne plus souffrir : de la mort de son fils aîné, de la prostate, de l'ennui. Avant, à 78 ans, en 1995, de se laisser définitivement aller. Bel exploit pour un homme qui n'avait jamais aimé se forcer.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Danny G's Sunday Serenade with Dino: "Marina"

Welcome back, my swingin' little Dino-diggin' paisani! Haha!!

Man o man, am I in a mood today!

Don't know why, pals!

Just is!

Hey...that's good 'nough reason for me! Haha!!

We gotta make the BEST outta EVERY DAY, mi amici!
Even the lousy ones.

When life hands us lemons...the hell with the lemonade...squeeze them into a little vodka on the rocks...& throw on some Dino! Haha!!

Yes, mam!

Now THAT'S the start of a COOL COOL day! Hahaha!!!
What's got into me today?!

All's I did was sit down here & get ready to put this week's Serenade together...& BAM!
This CRAZY mood just came rushin' through me, my friends!

My heart started racin' body started vibratin'...& my fingers started typin'!

It's like the spirit of Dean just jumped in me & took control!

Hey, pallies...that's OK with me!

Dino take the wheel! Haha!!

OK OK...let me catch my breath.
Let me regains my composure.
Let me chill-ax, a wee bit!

If I don't get this Serenade goin'...I thinks I'm gonna pop!

I gots an idea!
Think I'll have a little fun with this silly mood I'm feelin'!

  I'm gonna let Dean pick this one, pals!

Yea, youse heard right! 

Gonna put my trust in Dino's big meaty hands...& let him tell me what tune to spin!
He will know exactly what we need!

Gonna just close my eyes & see what jam I clicks on. Ready???!!!

OK, pallies...round & round it goes...where Dino will stop...nobody knows....& POW!!!

Did it!

Oh man o man...PERFECTO!


GREAT tune, my friends!

Fun Fun song with a Cool Cool groove!
I knew Dean would pick a winner!

Well, pals o mine...I'm hopin' this swingin' Dino-pick will stick with youse all week long... & help with ANY lemons that may have rolled your way.

The power of Dean's magic is un-endin'!


The whole wide world is wild about Marina
In Italy they call her La Carina
If you see her you never will forget her
And you can tell the world I'm gonna get her

Marina, Marina, Marina
You're lovely, you're sweet, you're divine
Marina, Marina, Marina
I won't rest until you are mine

All my love is for you
How I do adore you
Oh my darling I emplore you
Please listen to my plea

When we go out dancin'
You are so entrancin'
You've got all the others glancin'
I'm filled with jealousy

((The whole wide world is wild about Marina
In Italy they call her La Carina
If you see her you never will forget her
And you can tell the world I'm gonna get her))

Marina, Marina, Marina
You're lovely, you're sweet, you're divine
Marina, Marina, Marina
I won't rest until you are mine

((All my love is for you
How I do adore you
Oh my darling I emplore you
Please listen to my plea))

My heart caught on fire
You filled me with desire
Now there's one thing I aspire
To hear you say, "Si, Si"

Marina, Marina, Marina
You're lovely, you're sweet, you're divine
Marina, Marina, Marina
I won't rest until you are mine

((Marina, Marina, Marina))
((Marina, Marina, Marina))

Saturday, September 16, 2017

On This Day In Dino-history: September 16, 1965

dino on Make A Gif

Hey pallies, likes today is the 52st anniversary of our golden voiced Dino's entrance onto weekly television,........yet  'nother deeply delightful  day in the life, the times, and the teachin's of our most beloved Dino.  It was 52---count 'em---52  years ago on this very day, September 16 in the year of our Dino 1965 that The Dean Martin Show premiered on the peacock channel and as they say, the rest is Dino-history.  The show ran for nine fabulous seasons and aired for a grand total of 264 episodes.

Likes we all know the story of how our Dino really didn't want to do a weekly television show and how he made what woulda seemed to have been outrageous demands of NBC likes only workin' one day a week...the day of recordin' the show with no other rehearsin'....and the wise wise folks at NBC consented to all of our Dino's demands...and for those nine glorious years our Dino crooned his way into our hearts, givin' us tons of laughs, and much much wonderous wit and wisdom to profoundly  ponder as well.

Likes we are so so grateful that slowly but surely parts of the series have been released on DVDs for us to continue to soak in all the glories of our King of Cool.  Our hugest  hope of hopes and our deepest dream of dreams is that one day, all 264 episodes in their full length will find there way into general release so that each and every moment of deep Dino-wonderment will be ours forever!

In honor of this most festive of festive Dino-occasions we first share with all youse Dino-holics a couple of vid clips of that first broadcast featurin' our most beloved Dino, his bestest of best pallie Mr. Frank Sinatra and a ton of other other celebrities all wishiin' our King of Cool the best on his new small screen effort.  And, we have also chosen a quintet of just a few of our most fav of fav moments from our great great man's great great show.

We remain,

Yours In Dino,

Dino Martin Peters


September 16, 1965 "The Dean Martin Show" premiered on NBC, Thursday nights at 10 p.m. It was one of the highest-rated shows of the 1965-66 season and runs for nine seasons

Friday, September 15, 2017

On This Day In Dino-history: September 15, 1965

Hey pallies, likes it's 'nother great date in all of Dino-history.  Likes our pallies at Twingly Advanced Blog Search just directed to us to one of the most perfectly productive Dino-researchin' blog pads, "The Olde Disc Jockey's Almanac, where our pallie Mr. Bob Dearborn holds forth.

Likes today Mr. Dearborn has informed his remarkable readership that our most most beloved Dino recorded 'nother of his coolest of cool classic croons, "I Will" at United Recording Studios in Hollywood.  We gotta 'fess up that we find it incredibly intriguin' that our great man recorded this swank song on the eve of his debut of the  peacock channel with "The Dean Martin Variety Show," which we will be completely celebratin' on the morrow.

Our Dino had said "I Will" to the pallies at NBC months earlier and as all us Dino-holics know it propelled our Dino into millions of households once a week for the nine followin' years.  Likes, as a special treat, we found a vibrant vid of our Dino and Miss Tanya Tucker duetin' on "I Will" for an edition of the 1980 TV Show tagged "The Big Show," and we have shared it below.

Hats off to our pallie of pallies Mr. Bob Dearborn for puttin' us on to 'nother deeply delightful day in Dino-history.  To checks this out in it's original source, likes simply clicks on the tag of this particular Dino-devotion.

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Dino Martin Peters

Dean Martin duet with Tanya Tucker "I Will" (The Big Show) 1980 [Remastered]

September 15, 1965…At United Recording Studios in Hollywood, Dean Martin recorded "I Will."

Vincent's idol was Dean Martin because of his flair for style as well as his naughtiness that he tried to emulate.

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Hey pallies, likes sad sad news has come our way that Mr. Frank Vincent, of Goodfellas and Sopranos fame,  has departed our planet at age 78.  The new of Mr. Vincent's death has been all over the web with quite a number of tributes to this awesome actor, and likes every one that we viewed spoke of Vincent's idolization of our most most beloved Dino.

Likes below is swankly scribed prose by Mr. Kevin Burwick of the new-to-ilovedinomartin entertainment news blog tagged "MOVIEWEB."  We chose to share this particular prose 'cause Mr. Burwick speaks of Mr. Vincent's abundant adulation of our Dino with these wisest of wise words which we have chosen as the tag of this Dino-gram, "Vincent's idol was Dean Martin because of his flair for style as well as his naughtiness that he tried to emulate."  We are always totally terrifically thrilled to hear of yet 'nother extraordinary entertainer who is totally totally sold out to our Dino as Mr. Frank Vincent was.

We express our sadness to Mr. Vincent's family and friends, and we thanks Mr. Burwick and all the pallies at "MOVIEWEB" for honorin' Vincent and lettin' the world know of his awesome affection for our one and only Dino.  To checks out the post in it's original format and to read it in total, simply clicks on the tag of this Dino-message.

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Dino Martin Peters

Frank Vincent, who often worked with director Martin Scorsese, succumbed to complications from heart surgery.

Frank Vincent, Goodfellas and Sopranos Star, Passes Away at 78


Sad news to report. Frank Vincent, one of the most familiar faces from The Sopranos, Goodfellas, and Casino has died at the age of 78. TMZ reports that the actor died from heart surgery complications. Vincent reportedly suffered a heart attack last week and underwent open-heart surgery on Wednesday and died during the surgery in a New Jersey hospital. John Gallagher, who directed Vincent in Street Hunter and The Deli also posted the news to social media.

.....In 2006, Frank Vincent wrote his first book entitled, A Guy's Guide to Being a Man's Man, which received positive reviews. Vincent's idol was Dean Martin because of his flair for style as well as his naughtiness that he tried to emulate.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Lewis taunted Martin between takes by playfully punching his co-star, until Martin, a former bareknuckled boxer, got irritated and decked the comedian.

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Hey pallies, likes with the passin' of Mr. Jerry Lewis, the world wide web continues to exponentially explode with powerful post after post with remarkable  reminisces of our most beloved Dino and his most beloved partner in comedy, Mr. Jerry Lewis.  Today we takes all youse Dino-holics to the online presence of "The Roanoke Times" of Roanoke, Va.  In his post tagged "Cornershot: Roanoke County man recalls screen time with Jerry Lewis," newpaper man Mr. Ralph Berrier, Jr. shared the sweet story of Mr. Darrell Branstetter and his close encounter with our Dino and Mr. Lewis.

Likes it was late in the year of our Dino 1951 that our Dino and Mr. Lewis were filmin' some scenes for their big screen epic "Jumping Jacks" at Amerian Army Base in Georgia.  As it would have it, Mr. Branstetter, as you will read below, was stationed at the base at the time and even was an extra in one of the scenes.  Mr. Branstetter shares his intriguin' insights of bein' in the powerful presence of our Dino and Mr. Lewis, and what a treat it is, 'cause we can never ever get 'nough retellin's of in-the-flesh encounters with our King of Cool!

We thanks Mr. Darrell Branstetter for sharin' his marvelous memories of bein' 'round Martin and Lewis and for scriber Mr. Ralph Merrier Jr. for puttin' pen to paper for all us Dino-philes to enjoys the Dino-pleasure of readin'.  To checks this out in it's original source, likes simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.

We remain,

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Dino Martin Peters

Image result for martin and lewis jumping jacks

Cornershot: Roanoke County man recalls screen time with Jerry Lewis

Ralph Berrier Jr.

In late 1951, Darrell Branstetter was serving as an instructor at Fort Benning when he was given a new assignment: appear in a movie with Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin.

Branstetter, who’s 85 and lives in Roanoke County, talked about his brief film career earlier this week after Lewis died Sunday at age 91. Martin and Lewis filmed some scenes for their 1952 movie “Jumping Jacks” on the U.S. Army base in Georgia, where Branstetter was stationed with the 11th Airborne Division.

The movie was a typical Martin and Lewis over-the-top farce in which Lewis plays a nightclub entertainer who becomes an incompetent paratrooper so he can perform on army bases. Branstetter was around for most of the filming on base, and he appears in one scene in which Lewis ineptly tries to pack his parachute while all the paratroopers around him, including Branstetter, are distracted by the goofiness.

Even when the cameras weren’t rolling, Lewis kept up the silliness, Branstetter remembered. When Lewis was introduced to a general on the base, the actor fell to his hands and knees and started acting like a monkey.

Another time, Branstetter said, Lewis taunted Martin between takes by playfully punching his co-star, until Martin, a former bareknuckled boxer, got irritated and decked the comedian.

Coincidentally, Bob Cooper, one of Branstetter’s friends and a Roanoke County neighbor, was also at Fort Benning and got some screen time. Too bad it wasn’t a better movie, Branstetter said.

“It’s one of the worst movies I have ever seen,” he said. “Really terrible.”

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Lewis was alternately jostled and consoled by a cynical and phlegmatic Dean Martin, who seduced the girls and hummed romances

Hey pallies, likes we are perfectly pleased to be back for a third huge helpin' of incredible international delightful devotion to our most beloved Dino and his most beloved partner Mr. Jerry Lewis.  Likes we are powerfully psyched to find pallies from all 'round the Dino-universe coolly chimin' in on remarkable reflections on our Dino and Mr. Lewis as we reverently remember Mr. Lewis on his passin' from our presence.

Today we takes all youse Dino-holics to the french blog tagged "my cinema to me (mon cinéma à moi) and their post simply tagged, "Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin."  A marvelous mix of pix and prose, this wise work includes 12 images mostly taken from a number of our Dino and Mr. Lewis' big screen capers, 'long with their relevent reflections from their decade long relationship as pallies and partners in comedy.

The prose is divided into several swank sections: "THE PLAYBOY AND THE PUPPET," "THE MEETING WITH TAUROG AND TASHLIN," "GAGS AND PROBLEMS,"  and "THE DIVORCE." We are continually awed and refreshed by pallie after pallie sharin' their take on Martin and Lewis, what made them great together and what brought 'em to partin' ways.  No two scribers has exactly the same notions and we loves loves loves readin' each and every one of 'em.

We thanks the unknown  to us french pallie who calls "my cinema to me" home and puttin' their readership on to our one and only Dino and his one and only partner, Mr. Jerry Lewis.   Likes, to checks this out in it's original source, simply clicks on the tag of this here Dino-gram.  Long live our Dino and may deep devotion to our Dino keeps growin' all over the Dino-globe!

We remain,

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Dino Martin Peters

Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin
About every ten years, America had a new comic tandem. Abbott and Costello, the stars of Universal, succeeded, from 1946 to 1956, Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin, who reported fabulous sums to the Paramount. On radio, television, nightclubs and cinema, their dynamism and antics led to avalanches of laughter, and, throughout the world, were the No. 1 entertainment on Saturday night. The sixteen films they made together before finally separating in 1956 brought them international recognition.

PARDNERS (The Wild West Trouillard) by Norman Taurog (1956)

Born in Steubeville, Ohio, in 1917, Dino Crocetti, a second generation Italian-American, was a contraband whiskey, barber, boxer and imitator of Bing Crosby and Tony Martin. Born in 1926 in Newark, New Jersey, in a family of actors, Joseph Levitch followed his parents, Rhea and Danny "Lewis", in the tours they performed for the Borscht circuit; Thus he sang on stage at the age of five. A film opener, then mime, he developed a lip-synh number(pantomime synchronized on a famous air) with which he had a great success. In 1946, following a misunderstanding, Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin met together on the Atlantic 500 Club 500 stage. The crooner's singing-turn, "embellished" by the jerky faces and grimaces of the awful Jerry (he was squirting Seltz water, dropping plates, smiling with all his big teeth), experienced an immediate triumph so that all American nightclubs and television stations competed for the new tandem, and a Paramount producer, Hal Wallis, hastened to offer him a five-year contract at $ 10,000 a week.

ARTISTS AND MODELS by Frank Tashlin (1955)

After starting in My Friend Irma ( Ma bonne amie Irma, 1949), Martin and Lewis followed a series of parodies of the great cinematographic genres (war films, maritime or sports adventures, westerns ...), as all comedians had done before them, from Laurel and Hardy to Marx Brothers, and in which Jerry Lewis occasionally incorporated some personal finds. Having composed the character of the calamitous aborton, half-chouchou to his mother, half-school runner, Lewis was alternately jostled and consoled by a cynical and phlegmatic Dean Martin, who seduced the girls and hummed romances Tonda Wonda "," Hoy "," Inamorato "," Simpatico ", or" That's Amore ", while his boyfriend slept in refrigerators or flirted with the ugliest girl in the lot.

THE STOOGE (The Cabotin and his comrade) by Norman Taurog (1952)

After this series of films, designed according to recipes by efficient but impersonal professionals such as Hal Walker and George Marshall, the tandem, whose success continued to grow, met two excellent directors, Norman Taurog and Frank Tashlin, who, Tashlin, who had worked at Warner with the greatest masters of the cartoon gag: Tex Avery, Chuck Jones and Bob Clampett. Tashlin, holding unbridled parody and big farce, gave an apocalyptic image of provincial America delivered to a frantic consumerism, drug addicted to television and sex.

Hal Walker's AT WAR WITH THE ARMY (1950)

Taurog made four films with the Lewis-Martin tandem, and Tashlin, two; thereafter, Taurog made two films with Lewis alone, and Tashlin, six. 
Frank Tashlin taught all the tricks of the director's craft to Jerry Lewis, eager to know everything about the technical aspects of cinema. In fact, he aspired only to realization. He tried to do it very early by shooting amateur movies pasticking the great contemporary classics, with the help of his friends Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, Jeff Chandler and Dean Martin himself. These films are: Fairfax Avenue, parody of Sunset Boulevard ( Boulevard du Crépuscule , 1950); A Spot in the Shade , after A Place in the Sun (A place in the sun,1951); A Streetcar Named Repulsive , from A Streetcar Named Desire ( A Streetcar Named Desire , 1950); The Reinforcer , according to The Enforcer ( The Woman to slaughter , 1951).

THE STOOGE (The Cabotin and his comrade) by Norman Taurog (1952)

By adapting them with great intelligence to the Martin-Lewis tandem, Taurog drew on the comedy classics: William Wellman's Nothing Sacred ( The Merry Suicide , 1937) became Living It Up ( It's not a Life, Jerry , 1954) and the Major and the Minor (Uniform and the Minor, 1942) Billy Wilder, You're Never too Young ( You're Never Too Young , 1955). Taurog, who led a large number of child actors, from Jackie Cooper to Mickey Rooney, treated Martin and Lewis like kids, even dressing him up as a boy.

ARTISTS AND MODELS by Frank Tashlin (1955)

The best films Tashlin realized for the duo were the two: last: Artists and Models ( Artists and Models , 1955) and Hollywood or Bust ( Hollywood or Bust 1956); in this film, the two partners must cross an America populated with pulpy pinup to land in a Hollywood taken madness. In  Artists and Models , we see Lewis, a voracious comic book reader, confronting, disguised as a mouse, a disturbing bat woman (in fact a neighboring transvestite). At that time, Lewis and Martin had fabulous deals worth $ 5 million a year!
In retrospect, most of the comedies performed by Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis appear to be elementary, trivial, and full of stereotypes, but they are also full of songs and pretty girls and offer this infallible mixture of crazy and languorous music that was then expected of this kind of entertainment. They appealed to everybody, and made both young and old alike. Who could have resisted Jerry Lewis as a stupid college athlete, hypochondriac sailor allergic to the weak sex or devouring a single bean with delight?

MY FRIEND IRMA GOES WEST (Irma to Hollywood) by Hal Walker (1950) with Jerry Lewis

Frank Tashlin continued on his own, but he was less successful than his pupil when he went on to the realization. 
The company, considering Martin and Lewis as an inalienable good, enjoined them to put an end to their incessant quarrels, which were almost always of the same order: one of the two actors worked a great deal (Jerry), while the other did not practically nothing (Dean). Both had a large family and had a luxurious residence built; both of them had wretched wives who were constantly bickering. The great illustrated history of the 7th art - Editions Atlas - 1982]

THE ERRAND BOY directed by Jerry Lewis (1961)

Eventually, it was the break. Martin was tired of being only the stuff of his ambitious partner. Lewis, who was the seat of Stan Laurel during the last years of the great comedian to learn the secrets of the man he admired, told how, having confided the story of their lives to each other, the two actors had discovered many commonalities. Both, perfectionists and tempted by the desire to write and pass behind the camera, were afflicted by a lazy partner who only dreamed of enjoying life and playing golf.


The tandem separated in 1956. Jerry Lewis realized his ambitions by staging his own films, very admired in Europe and especially in France (notably by the critic Robert Benayoun) for their comical satires of American manners. Among the best are: The Bellboy ( The Mad's palace , 1960)  Ladies' Man ( The Tombeur her ladies , 1961) The Nutty Professor ( The Nutty Professor , 1963), and The Patsy ( Jerry souffre- pain , 1964).

ROCK A BYE (Three babies on the arms) by Frank Tashlin (1958), Jerry Lewis, Marilyn Maxwell, Connie Stevens

Dean Martin continued his career with dramatic roles and played the secret agent Matt Helm while becoming the most famous hedonist and wine connoisseur of the Las Vegas "clan" (Frank Sinatra, Sammy David Jr., Shirley MacLaine, Peter Lawford, etc.).

Jerry Lewis et Dean Martin

Environ tous les dix ans, l’Amérique se toquait d’un nouveau tandem comique. A Abbott et Costello, les vedettes d’Universal, succédèrent, de 1946 à 1956, Jerry Lewis et Dean Martin, qui rapportèrent des sommes fabuleuses à la Paramount. A la radio, à la télévision, dans les boîtes de nuit et au cinéma, leur dynamisme et leurs bouffonneries déclenchaient des avalanches de rire, et, dans le monde entier, constituaient le divertissement n° 1 du samedi soir. Les seize films qu’ils firent ensemble avant de se séparer définitivement en 1956 leur apportèrent la consécration internationale.

PARDNERS (Le Trouillard du Far West) de Norman Taurog (1956)

Né à Steubeville, dans l’Ohio, en 1917, Dino Crocetti, un Italo-Américain de la deuxième génération, fut tour à tour livreur de whisky de contrebande, barbier, boxeur et imitateur de Bing Crosby et de Tony Martin. Né en 1926 à Newark, dans le New Jersey, au sein d’une famille de comédiens, Joseph Levitch suivit ses parents, Rhea et Danny « Lewis », dans les tournées qu’ils effectuaient pour le circuit Borscht ; c’est ainsi qu’il chanta sur scène dès l’âge de cinq ans. Ouvreur de cinéma, puis mime, il mit au point un numéro de lip-synh (pantomime synchronisée sur un air célèbre) avec lequel il eut un grand succès. En 1946, à la suite d’un malentendu, Jerry Lewis et Dean Martin se retrouvèrent ensemble sur la scène du Club 500 d’Atlantic City. Le tour de chant du crooner, « agrémenté » par les facéties et les grimaces simiesques de l’affreux Jerry (il faisait gicler l’eau de Seltz, laissait tomber des assiettes, en souriant de toutes ses grandes dents), connut un triomphe immédiat si bien que toutes les boîtes de nuit américaines et les chaînes de télévision se disputèrent le nouveau tandem, et qu’un producteur de la Paramount, Hal Wallis, s’empressa de lui offrir un contrat de cinq ans à 10 000 dollars par semaine.

ARTISTS AND MODELS de Frank Tashlin (1955)
Après avoir débuté dans My Friend Irma (Ma bonne amie Irma, 1949), Martin et Lewis enchaînèrent avec toute une série de parodies des grands genres cinématographiques (films de guerre, d’aventures maritimes ou sportives, westerns…), comme l’avaient fait avant eux tous les comiques, de Laurel et Hardy aux Marx Brothers, et dans lesquelles Jerry Lewis intégrait, à l’occasion, quelques trouvailles personnelles. S’étant composé le personnage de l’avorton calamiteux, mi-chouchou à sa maman, mi-collégien fugueur, Lewis se faisait tour à tour bousculer et consoler par un Dean Martin cynique et flegmatique, qui séduisait les filles et fredonnait des romances telles que « Tonda Wonda », « Hoy », « Inamorato », « Simpatico », ou « That’s Amore », tandis que son copain dormait dans des réfrigérateurs ou flirtait avec la plus vilaine fille du lot.

THE STOOGE (Le Cabotin et son compère) de Norman Taurog (1952)

Après cette série de films, conçus selon des recettes éprouvées par des professionnels efficaces mais impersonnels comme Hal Walker et George Marshall, le tandem, dont le succès ne faisait que croître, rencontra deux excellents réalisateurs, Norman Taurog et Frank Tashlin, qui, comprenant fort bien les qualités propres aux deux acteurs, concoctèrent pour eux des projets sur mesure – en particulier Tashlin, qui avait travaillé à la Warner avec les plus grands maîtres du gag de dessins animés : Tex Avery, Chuck Jones et Bob Clampett. Tashlin, tenant de la parodie débridée et de la grosse farce, donnait une image apocalyptique de l’Amérique provinciale livrée à un consumérisme effréné, droguée de télévision et de sexe.

AT WAR WITH THE ARMY (Le Soldat récalcitrant) de Hal Walker (1950)
Taurog fit quatre films avec le tandem Lewis-Martin, et Tashlin, deux ; par la suite, Taurog fit deux films avec le seul Lewis, et Tashlin, six.
Frank Tashlin enseigna toutes les ficelles du métier de réalisateur à Jerry Lewis, avide de tout connaître sur les aspects techniques du cinéma. En fait, il n’aspirait qu’à passer à la réalisation. Il s’y essaya très tôt en tournant des films d’amateur pastichant les grands classiques contemporains, avec le concours de ses amis Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, Jeff Chandler et Dean Martin lui-même. Ces films ont pour titre : Fairfax Avenue, parodie de Sunset Boulevard (Boulevard du Crépuscule, 1950) ; A Spot in the Shade, d’après A Place in the Sun (Une place au soleil, 1951) ; A Streetcar Named Repulsive, d’après A Streetcar Named Desire (Un tramway nommé Désir, 1950) ; The Reinforcer, d’après The Enforcer (La Femme à abattre, 1951).

THE STOOGE (Le Cabotin et son compère) de Norman Taurog (1952)
En les adaptant avec beaucoup d’intelligence au tandem Martin-Lewis, Taurog puisa dans les classiques de la comédie : Nothing Sacred (La Joyeuse Suicidée, 1937), de William Wellman, devint Living It Up (C’est pas une vie, Jerry, 1954) et The Major and the Minor (Uniforme et jupon court, 1942) de Billy Wilder, You’re Never too Young (Un pitre au pensionnat, 1955). Ayant dirigé un grand nombre d’acteurs-enfants, de Jackie Cooper à Mickey Rooney, Taurog traitait Martin et Lewis comme des gamins, allant jusqu’à habiller ce dernier en garçonnet.

ARTISTS AND MODELS de Frank Tashlin (1955)
Les meilleurs films que Tashlin réalisa pour le duo furent les deux: derniers : Artists and Models (Artistes et modèles, 1955) et Hollywood or Bust (Un vrai cinglé de cinéma, 1956) ; dans ce film, les deux partenaires doivent traverser une Amérique peuplée de pulpeuses pin-up pour débarquer dans un Hollywood pris de folie. Dans Artists and Models, on voit Lewis, vorace lecteur de bandes dessinées, affronter, déguisé en souriceau, une inquiétante femme chauve-souris (en fait une voisine travestie). A cette époque, Lewis et Martin bénéficiaient de fabuleux contrats d’un montant de 5 millions de dollars par an !


Rétrospectivement, la plupart des comédies interprétées par Dean Martin et Jerry Lewis semblent élémentaires, triviales et truffées de stéréotypes, mais elles sont aussi pleines de chansons et de jolies filles et offrent ce mélange infaillible de loufoquerie et de musiques langoureuses que l’on attendait alors de ce genre de divertissement. Elles plaisaient à tout le monde et déridaient petits et grands. Qui aurait pu résister à Jerry Lewis en athlète de collège débile, en marin hypocondriaque allergique au sexe faible ou dévorant avec délice un unique haricot ?

MY FRIEND IRMA GOES WEST (Irma à Hollywood) de Hal Walker (1950) avec Jerry Lewis
Frank Tashlin continua tout seul dans cette voie, mais il eut moins de succès que son élève quand celui-ci passa à la réalisation.
La compagnie, considérant Martin et Lewis comme un bien inaliénable, leur enjoignit de mettre un terme à leurs incessantes querelles, qui étaient presque toujours du même ordre : l’un des deux comédiens travaillait beaucoup (Jerry), tandis que l’autre ne faisait pratiquement rien (Dean). Tous deux étaient nantis d’une nombreuse famille et se faisaient construire une luxueuse résidence ; tous deux avaient des épouses acariâtres qui se chamaillaient sans cesse. [La grande histoire illustrée du 7ème art – Editions Atlas – 1982]

THE ERRAND BOY (Le Zinzin d’Hollywood) réalisé par Jerry Lewis (1961)

Finalement, ce fut la rupture. Martin en avait assez de n’être que le faire-valoir de son ambitieux partenaire. Lewis, qui faisait le siège de Stan Laurel pendant les dernières années du grand comique pour apprendre les secrets de celui qu’il admirait, a raconté comment, s’étant mutuellement confié l’histoire de leur vie, les deux acteurs s’étaient découvert de nombreux points communs. Tous deux, perfectionnistes et tentés par l’envie d’écrire et de passer derrière la caméra, étaient affligés d’un partenaire paresseux qui ne songeait qu’à profiter de l’existence et à jouer au golf.

Le tandem se sépara en 1956. Jerry Lewis réalisa ses ambitions en mettant en scène ses propres films, très admirés en Europe et surtout en France (notamment par le critique Robert Benayoun) pour leurs satires cocasses des mœurs américaines. Parmi les meilleurs, citons : The Bellboy (Le Dingue du palace, 1960), Ladie’s Man (Le Tombeur de ses dames, 1961), The Nutty Professor (Docteur Jerry et Mister Love, 1963), et The Patsy (Jerry, souffre-douleur, 1964).

ROCK A BYE (Trois bébés sur les bras) de Frank Tashlin (1958), Jerry Lewis, Marilyn Maxwell, Connie Stevens
Dean Martin poursuivit sa carrière avec des rôles dramatiques et incarna l’agent secret Matt Helm tout en devenant le plus célèbre hédoniste et amateur de vins du « clan » de Las Vegas (Frank Sinatra, Sammy David Jr., Shirley MacLaine, Peter Lawford, etc.).